Ellie Goulding Lights Music Video

I just finished my first Tough Mudder event (SoCal #1). IT WAS AWESOME. However, that is just the preface to this post before the real shenanigans took place. Let me tell you how a music video ended up happening in a random turn of events. I was near LA after the event so I decided to call one of my best childhood friends that went to LMU hoping to catch up before heading back to Utah. He answered “Hey man…we are actually on our spring break as well and headed to Palm Springs and Lake Havasu. Where are you?” As we talked it became clear that he was headed in my direction. Since I needed to go that way to get back, I naturally linked up with them for the next four days! The following video commenced… If you look close, you can notice the orange Tough Mudder headband. I will have a post on that event soon. The song we used is  “Ellie Goulding – Lights (Bassnectar Remix).”  The entire video was shot in one day on my HD GoPro. It looks a lot better if you click on the 720p HD option on the bottom right and let it buffer all the way. So turn your speakers up and full screen it.  It was a blast to make! Without further ado I present you the world premiere of my first music video “Ellie Goulding Lights Music Video”!! Ellie Goulding Lights Music Video

– Hardy outEllie Goulding Lights Music Video


  1. Catherine | 10 Mar 2012 at 9:59 am | Reply

    Great song and an even better video!!!

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